It has been brought to my attention that a lot of our new players are completely unfamiliar with tabletop gaming in general, particularly RPGs. This entry is to provide everyone with a general overview of how to play the game, as well as a brief introduction to the universe of Relic Frame. This should help everyone get an idea of what they can expect from these gaming sessions.

How the Game Works

Relic Frame is a hybrid tabletop game. It revolves mainly around the storytelling elements of traditional role-playing games, but also heavily incorporates strategic gameplay. The players have the opportunity to create unique characters whose personalities and storylines develop based on the decisions they make throughout the campaign. These phases of the game consist of situations that are dictated by a GM (game master), who arbitrates on various decisions, and chooses which direction to take the story based on In contrast to this, the players will also get to build their own unique mechs, called relic frames, which will be used in tactical engagements with enemy forces.

How To Play


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