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Relic Frame is a futuristic, homebrewed tabletop RPG that borrows a lot of inspiration from games like Heavy Gear and Front Mission. Players create characters, build mechs, and (hopefully) experience a combination of meaningful storytelling and fun combat.

It uses a customized arrangement of basic d20 mechanics for most resolutions. The role-playing portions of the game consist of PC interactions, plot development, some on-foot combat, and can be played using a traditional pen and paper method.

The mech combat portions are played on hexes with handcrafted miniatures and use a stricter set of rules, but still allow the PCs to improvise and roleplay. I use (and highly recommend) Heroscape hex tiles for their modularity, but hand-drawn or printed maps work just as well.

Disclaimer: This campaign is currently under HEAVY construction. Like, fuck heavy. Heavy as fuck, if you will. I don’t have the time every day to work on it, so if you see a bunch of holes there’s a reason for it. Check back occasionally and I swear this thing will be solid soon enough.

Update: I’m totally lying. This thing is never going to be done.

Relic Frame

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